Overnight Visit

Admitted high school seniors and transfers under the age of 23 have the option to spend the night and experience life on campus during the spring semester. Overnight guests arrive at 5:00 PM when they will meet their student host. The next day can be customized with class visits, faculty meetings, and financial aid consultations.

Please select the day on the calendar you would like to spend the night. We do ask for a two week minimum notice if at all possible so that we can prepare for your visit. Fill out the signed, required liability form (click here) and return at least 48 hours BEFORE your visit date.

When possible, we attempt to match you with a host based on common interests. However, even if your host does not share a lot of common interests, feel free to ask questions and seek out opportunities with your host that match your interests.

Group projects, tests, papers, and quizzes are a daily part of college life. Your host may need to spend a portion of their time during your stay working on these items. You may want to bring a book or some of your own homework to work on during these times.

You will need to bring:
Sleeping bag and pillow
Clothes suitable for the weather
Toiletries and Towel
Spending money (dinner, breakfast, and lunch in the dining hall will be provided )
Unavailable / Filled
Not Scheduled